What we do

We are the financial partner that transforms valuables into plans for the future

We broker art and valuables to turn assets into cash

Through our innovative brands, products and services, we offers various solutions for a wide variety of needs, operating in the area of goods or works of art, their valuation and possible transformation into investments. We are a company that provides its know how to create new funds, by revaluing and repositioning assets. We do it by valuing the object and not the people, in a straightforward and competent manner, proposing an innovative circular economy model, in Italy and abroad through its brands and products. We are active in the collateralised loan business with the ProntoPegno branches in Italy and Greece, through which we offers loans to people secured by an object as collateral. Whereas through our prestigious auction house Art-Rite we are market leader in modern, contemporary, antique art as well as in numismatics and some collectors’ segments such as cars.

With Kruso Kapital valuables and art take the stage, come to life and their destiny endures ownership. An object that is unused or undervalued by its current owner is put back into circulation, becoming useful and of value to others also with the opportunity of turning it into the cash needed to realise dreams and ambitions.

This is Kruso Kapital’s innovative circular economy model which can offer the freedom to sell unused objects or simply use objects temporarily to generate cash.