Art-Kredit is a product intended for those who wish to obtain immediate liquidity by providing works of art and collectibles of various kinds as collateral

The works of art (modern, contemporary, ancient and numismatic) and items provided as collateral are valued by experts and the custody of the valuables is covered by insurance: in the event of non-repayment by the customer, the company will recover the credit owed only through the sale by auction of the items or works of art left deposited as collateral. The product is therefore intended for those who wish to obtain immediate liquidity and are interested in redeeming their assets in the immediate future. The duration of the loan is 6 months, and it is at the discretion of the company to grant the renewal of the contract for the same duration and at the economic conditions in force at the time of the transaction. The loan is disbursed by bank transfer to a bank account held or jointly held by the holder of the contract. Should customers be interested in disposing of their assets through an auction sale, with the aim of maximising the proceeds therefrom, they can consider contacting our auction house and take advantage of the Art-Kredit product to meet their immediate liquidity needs.

 “Art-Kredit” is a form of collateralised lending governed by law No. 745 of 10 May 1938, ''Ordinamento dei monti di credito su pegno" and by Royal Decree No. 1279 of 25 May 1939 issued by Kruso Kapital S.p.A.

Art-Kredit is a service that fits into the framework of art lending, i.e. a form of financing whereby the work of art is used by its owner as collateral to obtain credit, procure the necessary liquidity to diversify one's portfolio by investing in other financial operations, obtain the resources needed to expand one's collection and invest in the purchase of further works of art, effectively transforming the work of art into a real operational asset.

We turn your works of art and valuables assets into an immediate loan and plans for your future

Representative example: TAEG 9.205%. Example calculated on a loan of Euro 3,000.00 on an estimated value of Euro 10,000.00, fixed rate 9.00%, duration 6 months (180 days); TAEG is inclusive of interest (€ 133.15). TAEG is computed based on the actual number of days elapsed in a year consisting of 365 days. The loan has a duration of 6 months.
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