Kruso Kapital

We are the first operator belonging to a banking group in loans and in the art market that values assets

We value collectibles and art to achieve people’s plans and dreams

We creates a virtuous cycle by transforming material assets into income and subsequent investments, through enhancement of the value of collectibles, jewellery and works of art.

Kruso Kapital S.p.A., listed since January 2024 on the EuroNext Growth market of the Italian Stock Exchange, was established as a new company name in November 2022 (operational since 1 August 2019 with the previous company name ProntoPegno S.p.A. subsequently modified) and is the first operator belonging to a banking group operating both in the pawn credit business and in the market for auction houses of precious items, works of art and other collectibles.

The pawn credit business was started by Banca Sistema (majority shareholder) with the ProntoPegno brand in 2017. In 2022, the company, after strong growth in Italy through the opening of branches (14), the purchase of portfolios from other operators and the expansion of the customer base, starts the process of internationalization towards foreign markets with the establishment in Greece of the company ProntoPegno ΕΝΕΧΥΡΟ ΑΓΟΡΑ ΧΡΥΣΟΥ dedicated to pawn credit and the opening of a branch in Athens. In November of the same year, with the acquisition of Art-Rite, Kruso Kapital diversified its business by entering the world of auction houses, managing, through art-lending, personal loans with guarantees for works of art and other goods from collection.